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Our visitors are hard core traders and people who want to learn trading. If you sell trading software, a trading course, or trading services, a listing in our directory can expose your product to our highly targeted and motivated audience.

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We do not charge any listing fees. We only ask that you provide us with a review copy of your product, so we may properly evaluate it for inclusion in our products directory. 


If we accept your product into our directory, you'll have the right to use our Endorsed by TraderSummit graphic on your website.

No Snake Oil 

Our products directory is about quality, not quantity. Our users trust us to guide them toward the best products, so we throughly evaluate each product submission before listing it on our site.


Acquiring a listing in our products directory is the first step toward bigger and better promotional opportunities, such as guest blogging on our website or being invited to speak at TraderSummit.

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  • Please enter the name of your product. If we accept your submission, this name will be displayed in our product directory, so please use proper capitalization, etc...
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  • Please enter general purchasing information, describing how your product is priced and sold. For example, if you offer different subscription options, describe each of the options and mention the price range.
  • Select the product type most applicable to your product. If none of the types apply, enter a custom type in the comments box below.
  • Please select the categories your product pertains to. If none of the categories are applicable, enter your custom categories in the comments box below.
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  • Please upload an image of your product. If it's a physical product, such as a book, upload a photo. Otherwise, upload the product logo.
  • Please provide a link where we can download your product for review purposes. Be sure to include any necessary login information or describe an alternate procedure for obtaining a review copy.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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