Speak at TraderSummit

Apply to be a speaker at the next TraderSummit. There's no cost to apply and no speaker fees!

Great Exposure

If you're a trading expert and willing to share your knowledge, speaking at TraderSummit is a great way to elevate your industry status, gain followers and grow your business.

No Travel 

TraderSummit is 100% online, so you'll be presenting via webcast from the comfort of your home or office.

No Fees

We're seeking the best and the brightest presenters, so currently there are no application fees and no speaker fees.

Valuable Content

If we accept you as a speaker, we ask only that you deliver a high-quality presentation and provide valuable information to our attendees. You're welcome to plug your products, but only in an instructional / training context. For example, you can demonstrate how to use your product to generate trading profits.

Apply Early

We intend to host our first TraderSummit in Q3 of 2019 and our speaker roster will fill up quickly. Therefore, to avoid getting locked out of our premier event, you should apply now!

Live or Recorded

While we prefer that our speakers present live, we realize this might not always be possible. Maybe your schedule won't allow it, or perhaps you're uncomfortable speaking in front of a live audience. If that's the case, don't worry, we offer the option to record your presentation in advance of the summit.
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