PrescienTrader is the world's most advanced financial market cycles analytic platform. It allows you to instantly analyze any financial instrument in multiple timeframes and predict future price movements with uncanny prescience.

PrescienTrader analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points to calculate the amplitude and phase for hundreds of cycle frequencies. Next, our IntelliCycle™ AI technology filters out the market noise and intelligently extracts the optimal frequencies for the market condition. Finally, PrescienTrader combines these cycles and projects them 30-bars into the future, creating the Prescient Line™.

While nothing works 100% of the time, the Prescient Line is amazingly...prescient! It's a dynamic, adaptive, leading indicator that updates with each new bar, depending on the evolving cyclical structure of the market. You can think of it like Waze for financial markets, a roadmap that dynamically adapts to changing markets.

Purchasing Info

PrescienTrader is a free plugin for AmiBroker. The plugin connects to PrescientAPI, which is a web service that can be accessed from any trading platform. While the plugin is free, the API requires a subscription, which starts at $65/mo when paid annually. We're offering a 10% discount to TraderSummit attendees, on all our subscription plans.

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