Heikin-Ashi - How to Trade without Candlestick Patterns

Dan Valcu

With a foreword by Tony Plummer, Fellow of the Society for Technical Analysis (UK), author of Forecasting Financial Markets.
The book includes now a CD(*)
Use Heikin-Ashi and Get the Trend Right. During the one hour presentation, traders learn how to use heikin-ashi faster, in a more efficient way

A description of heikin-ashi pitfalls and benefits, several techniques to remove noise from trading, plus a heikin-ashi cookbook add to the practical value of this first book on this technique.

  • APPEALS to both visual and analytical traders
  • REPLACES candlestick patterns in trading
  • FILTERS out price noise and reveals clear trends
  • PROVIDES technical indicators to quantify trends
  • ALERTS traders to trend reversals
  • HAS a short learning curve allowing easy access
  • CONFIRMS opportunities for better entries & exits
  • INCREASES favorable trading odds in any market
  • MEASURES the health of the markets

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