Decoding the Hidden Market Rhythm - Part 1: Dynamic Cycles

Lars von Thienen

Simplify the complexity of financial trading and technical analysis with a new dynamic approach that is helping traders across the globe identify the trade cycles that influence financial markets.

Learn how to detect tradable cycles in the stock market properly, use such information to improve technical indicators, and forecast market turns using cycle analysis. Using layman's terms, this helpful guide offers many trading examples using cycle analysis tools on major stock market indices, sentiment data, forex and cryptocurrencies, and many more. 

The book provides solid knowledge on dominant cycle analysis and ways to use it in the stock market for trading. Apart from the methodology, concrete examples of applying cycle analysis into cycle trading practice in the stock market are laid out in an easy-to-follow format. The presented approach differs from traditional static cycle approaches in that it takes a dynamic approach to cycles. The dynamic cycle approach builds upon existing research from J.M. Hurst "The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing" (1970), John Ehlers "Cycle Analytics for Traders" (2013), and B.J. Millard "Channels and Cycles" (1999), and then takes both the theory and practice of cyclic-based trading to new levels, thereby extending the body of knowledge on cycle analytics. In particular, the unique dynamic approach attempts to identify the current dominant cycle in a way that can be used on financial charts at the right edge of the trading screen, where decisions must be made in real time. 

This is a comprehensive book for traders who want to understand the technical underpinnings of cycle analytics used in trading decisions. It contains discussions of the theoretical background for cycle detection with Digital Signal Processing, true market examples, ready-made indicators, and source codes for different platforms, making it an all-around resource for both beginning and veteran traders who wish to match the pace of advancement in this field. The cycle detection framework provided in this book is backed by years of research, with an emphasis on simplicity for analyzing markets rather than mathematical purity. The presented dynamic approach will assist traders in implementing new indicators and trading strategies.

Decoding The Hidden Market Rhythm - Part 1 includes real market analysis examples on weekly, daily, and intraday charts for

  • Major Markets: Dow Jones and S&P 500 Index
  • Commodities: Gold & Silver
  • Futures: S&P 500 & Nasdaq 100
  • Sentiment: Social Sentiment Data ("Twitter"), VIX, Financial Stress Index
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin

The presented methods, indicators, and strategies allow traders to use the cycle analytics methods in different trading and charting environments.

In this new third edition of the book (2017), we have decided to open our source code repository to give a quick start for readers who want to implement the tools in different forms and scripting languages. 

Free, ready-made, and downloadable source codes with indicators for NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, C++, Excel, and cloud-based API integrations are included.

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