We develop PrescienTrader, the world's most advanced financial market cycles analytic platform. PrescienTrader can analyze the price history of any financial instrument, extract its underlying cycles and combine the cycles into a single graph called the Prescient Line, which projects price forward in time by thirty bars. The Prescient Line is the most powerful and accurate price prediction model we've ever seen. Using advanced AI modeling techniques, PrescienTrader sees through the market noise and extracts only the most significant cycles, yielding an incredibly prescient price forecast.

In addition to the software platform, we offer a daily trading signals service called PrescientSignals. Powered by PrescienTrader, PrescientSignals tracks hundreds of financial instruments and provides subscribers with daily, weekly and monthly charts for each instrument, updated after the close of each trading day. Users may subscribe to individual financial instruments or to entire asset classes, which include Futures, Equities, Forex and Cryptocurrencies. Subscribers also receive a daily email containing trading signals for their subscribed instruments and asset classes.

We're seeking partnerships with companies in the financial services industry, including hedge funds, brokers, financial advisors, data providers and websites offering investing and trading advice, training and other financial, investment and trading-related services. We offer a free version of our trading signals service that you can easily integrate into your website by copying/pasting an HTML snippet. This is a value-added service, which costs you nothing, yet gives people another reason to visit and return to your website. We also offer an affiliate commission opportunity for high-traffic, high-quality websites that meet our requirements.

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